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Having The Best Heater Element On Your Side

WIN Group has been in the industry for 35 years of experience. We manufacture industrial burners for metal processing companies

WIN-THERM are specialized for thermal enginneering providing you the BEST HEATER SOLUTIONS!



Heater Elements

The best way to choose the heating element is to determine the amount of watt density it is needed. Heating elements are typically either nickel-based or iron-based.


Did you know that “Nichrome” is the most popular heating elements with a melting of 1400°C. 


It doesn’t oxidize, doesn’t expand too much and has a reasonable resistance that only increases by about 10% between room temperature & max. operating temperature!

There’s few heater elements we recommend



FeCrAl or Nickel Chromium alloys form heating element (up to 1400°c) improve efficiency for all types of furnace heating needs.

Design Types:

  • Wire – Spiral coil/Corrugated
  • Strip – coiled / Corrugated / Folded Single
  • Multi Shanks with ceramic support system



Radiant Heater Electirc (up to 1300°c)

designed and used in many heat treatment fields and melting processes.


  • Easy and low maintenance
  • Long service life
  • Horizontally or vertically installation
  • Service temperature up to 1300°C



SiC heater used at temperature up to a maximum of 1600°C.

SiC heater performs well in both continuous and intermittent operations and are highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion.

SiC heater element do not sag throughout their temperature range and are easy to install.


  • DB (Dumbbell)
  • ED (ROD) U-Type & W-Type
  • SG (spiral) & SGR (spiral)


Win-Therm-molybdenum heater-01

MoSi2 heaters has the ability to withstand oxidation while operating at element temperatures up to 1850°C

Common Molybdenum Silicide heater type

  • 2 shank-U shape
  • 4-shank-W shape
  • Multi-shank
  • Spiral
  • Bend

Element size

  • 3/6
  • 6/12
  • 9/18

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  • Great engineering design support

Depending on your needs, we will help you based on your applications towards your industry and provide with the best solution to reduce cost and increase effieciency by 30%!

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