What is Heat Treatment Furnace?

Furnace is a device or equipment to heat up an objects  (mostly metal) to a desired temperature for a set time and in controlled heating atmosphere. Metals are heated up and cooled down in specific degrees and manners to achieve the desired properties like strength, hardness, ductile strength and some chemical properties. This process is called heat treatment.

Heat treatment can be done in a controlled atmosphere environment or introducing an inert gas like Argon or Hydrogen.

heat treatment of steel hardening

By subjecting metals to heat treatment, their hardness and toughness can be changed, making it possible to give them the desired properties for their intended use. Heat treatments furnaces mostly conists of “quenching (method of cooling), tempering furnace, annealing furnace , normalizing furnace, carburizing furnace, stress relieving furnace and others,

Heat treatment furnace is used mostly in metal, aerospace, and automotive industry. Metal parts made from aluminium, steel and coppers are forged or casted in the desired shape and then put into a heat treatment furnace. Automotive parts like engine parts for automobiles, brake casing, gear box, transmissions, suspensions, and aerospace parts like turbine, blades and engine parts are all required to go through process in heat treatment furnace.

WIN provide furnaces that can comply to AMS2750 for aerospace applications

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