What is Furnace?

Industrial Furnace? It sounds very familiar but perhaps a lot of people still not able to understand what is a industrial furnace and why industrial furnace is important?

An industrial furnace is a heating equipment made by 2 main components; heating element and insulation (to keep the heat inside the chamber). Heating process is controlled with controllable programs to achieve the desired process. A typical industrial furnace can be used in either in production or in laboratory (laboratory furnace normally is smaller scale) to test materials.

Heating element used are mostly electrical heaters or burners (fuelled by gases, fuel, oil, etc) are used to heat up the objects intended. Engineering team will calculate the required output of the heat source device is calculated based on the heat generated by the object being heated, the heat radiated from the surface of the equipment, the heat lost when opening and closing the door, and the required heating speed.

We try to understand customer needs because designing with too much capacity increases the cost, while designing with insufficient capacity can lead to production stoppages when output drops due to unexpected issues.

Industrial furnaces (High Temperature furnaces) generally consists of Box furnace, Muffle furnace, Vacuum furnace, Chamber furnace, Atmosphere chamber furnace, Bogie furnace, Conveyor Furnaces, Heat treatment furnaces, Tempering furnace, Annealing furnace, normalizing furnace, carburizing furnace, stress relieving furnace and others

As industrial furnaces maker WIN proud ourselves that we are able to give solutions to what customers needs be it technology, budget or application.

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