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Product Description

Main Features
Vertical tube furnace is mainly used in metallurgy, glass, heat treatment, lithium battery positive and negative electrode materials. It is a certain atmosphere professional equipment to test material features in new energy, abrasive tools and other industries.

The advantage of vertical tube furnace?
  • Vertical tube furnace has a small footprint and can be used for rapid heating I quenching processes.
  • High temperature and high vacuum vertical tube furnace with crucible or heating materials suspended in the tube can be rotated under vacuum for uniform sintering, and the crucible can be manually lifted to easily replace the sample.
  • Mature technology, Simple furnace structure, Easy to operate, easy to control, and continuous production.

How to operate vertical tube furnace?
  • According to the requirements of the laboratory, intermittent manual way is used for loading and unloading samples.
  • When loading the material, place the material box on the material bowl support, open and take out the sealed end cover of the furnace tube, put it into the material box support with the material box, install the sealed end cover on the furnace tube flange and tighten the clamp bolt.
  • Then the process atmosphere is introduced until the oxygen content in the furnace tube reaches the process requirements and the temperature for sintering.
  • After the product sintering process is completed, a small amount of process atmosphere should be introduced and the temperature should be reduced until the furnace temperature is lower than the process requirements, and then the sealed end cover of the furnace tube can be opened to take out the heated product.
1200°C Vertical Three Zones Split Tube Furnace
1700°C OEM Vertical Tube Furnace
1400°C Vertical Tube Furnace
1700°C Three Zones Vertical Split Tube Furnace
Technical Parameters
Model Heating Zone Length (mm) Reactor Tube Max Temp Operate Temp Voltage Power Heating Element Temperature Accuracy
WTGL-40-12A 300mm Φ40*1000 1200°C 1100°C 220V 1.8KW HRE wire ±1ºC
WTGL-60-12A 300mm Φ60*1000 1200°C 1100°C 220V 2.6KW HRE wire ±1ºC
WTGL-80-12A 300mm Φ80*1000 1200°C 1100°C 220V 2.6KW HRE wire ±1ºC
WTGL-100-12A 300mm Φ100*1000 1200°C 1100°C 220V 2.6KW HRE wire ±1ºC
WTGL-40-14A 300mm Φ40*1000 1400°C 1300°C 220V 2KW SIC ROD ±1ºC
WTGL-60-14A 300mm Φ60*1000 1400°C 1300°C 220V 3KW SIC ROD ±1ºC
WTGL-80-14A 300mm Φ80*1000 1400°C 1300°C 220V 4KW SIC ROD ±1ºC
WTGL-100-14A 300mm Φ100*1000 1400°C 1300°C 220V 5KW SIC ROD ±1ºC
WTGL-40-17A 300mm Φ40*1000 1700°C 1600°C 220V 3KW MoSi2 Rod ±1ºC
WTGL-60-17A 300mm Φ60*1000 1700°C 1600°C 220V 4KW MoSi2 Rod ±1ºC
WTGL-80-17A 300mm Φ80*1000 1700°C 1600°C 220V 5KW MoSi2 Rod ±1ºC

Tube Furnace >>

The Overview of Tube Furnace

Tube Furnace is a compact heating equipment widely used in so many fields like metallurgy, glass heat treatment, lithium battery, positive and negative electrolyte, abrasive tools and other industries. It is used to measure the structural state of materials at a certain temperature for small samples. It is generally used in colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, research institutions, etc. Tube furnace also has the advantage of providing a vacuum and atmosphere working environment for heating easily with lower cost.

HRE Resistance Wire
N-Type Thermocouple
PIO Temperature Control

The factors to select a suitablE tube furnace:

What is the operating temperature?
  • WINTHERM tube furnace mainly with range of 1200°C, 1400°C, 1700°C and OEM 1800°C.
  • When real operating lower than 1200°C, we generally use high grade HRE spiral wire coils as heating element.
  • When real operating lower than 1400°C, we generally use high grade SIC ( Silicon Carbide Heaters ) heating element.
  • When real operating lower than 1700°C, we generally use high grade MoSi2 ( Molybdenum Disilicide Heaters ) heating element.
  • Continuous operating temp will be 100°C below the max temp design and right using will extend the furnace service life.
  • Furnaces are designed to operate at high temperatures. Operation below temperatures of approximately 600 °C will be less accurate and continuous use at low temperatures may reduce the element life of some furnaces, ie MoSi2 heated furnaces.

Split type or Non-split type.
  • For 1200°C tube furnaces, we generally do with Split type as standard with easily replace tube and also fast cooling.
  • For the 1400°C tube furnaces, we generally do with Non-split type as standard, but also we can do split type.
  • For the 1700°C tube furnaces, we generally do with Non-split type as standard, but also we can do vertical split type.

Horizontal or Vertical Tube need?
WINTHERM have horizontal and vertical tube furnace for choosing. Also, we can do it according to your special request for both combined using.

What is the outer diameter of the working tube?
  • For the working tube, we generally has quartz tube and alumina ceramic tube two types. Also, some customer will use their own design specially steel tubes for specially using.
  • Quartz tube used for temperature lower than 1200°C. The standard quartz tube OD : Φ25mm, Φ40mm, Φ50mm, Φ60mm, Φ80mm, Φ100mm, Φ120mm, Φ150mm or more larger size.
  • Alumina Ceramic Tube generally used in temp over than 1200°C tube furnaces with standard size tube OD : Φ40mm, Φ60mm, Φ80mm, Φ100mm, For other alumina tube sizes, please check with us for confirm.

What is the heating zone length of the tube furnace ?
WINTHERM manufacture different heating zones tube furnace.
  • Single Heating zone : Standard heating zone length : 300mm. OEM length is available.
  • Dual heating zones : Standard heating zone length : 300+300=600mm. OEM length is available.
  • Three heating zones: Standard heating zone length : 300+300+300=900mm. OEM length is available.
  • Multi-heating zones : different zones and different heating length.
  • More heating zones, the tube will have a much better central constant heating zone length.

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