Top 3 Types of Goods From The Art & Craft Industry That Requires A Furnace


Art & craft products are closely related to aesthetics or beauty. The function of the function is not overlooked. Because the most important thing is the shape and motive it has. In addition, in the manufacturing process, art & craft does not just happen. It takes a fairly long and painstaking process to produce the best. They are 3 types of goods that need a furnace to create in the process, they are ceramics, pottery and vases.


But, do you know WIN friends, the types of art & craft products?

Here are the top 3 goods that are required to use a furnace:


ceramics win therm furnaces

1. Ceramics

Derived from the Greek ceramics, ceramic means a form made of clay after being burned. We know ceramics as a common material for building floors. As an art & craft product, this ceramic has high-temperature resistance properties. Hence, this clay ceramic can be burned up to a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius.


pottery furnaces

2. Pottery

It is estimated, pottery has existed since prehistoric times. In the past, earthenware has a function as a household utensil and farming tool. Funeral processions and traditional ceremonies also often take advantage of this art & craft product.



glasses vases furnaces

3. Jars or Flower Vases

This one product is widely used for home decorating. Because the shape is deliberately made with aesthetic protrusions compared to function. With increasingly modern motifs, of course, the manufacturing process is also complex, supported by high-quality equipment.

Well, the three products above will not be beautiful without the presence of a furnace. What is a furnace? The furnace is a product that has a role in making art & craft. Why? Functioning as a heater, burner, or dryer, the furnace is like the most important process. Made from clay, art & craft that was previously still soft texture, only with the furnace, they can be hard and strong.

It is not only tough and strong but also durable and of good quality. So, the furnace with its automatic temperature control can find out the appropriate temperature for the art & craft you have. Try to imagine if the ceramic has a hard texture, but it breaks easily? Surely you don’t want to get a product like that, right?

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