Product Overview
  • Kanthal Globar Silicon Carbide Elements are made from high purity alpha silicon carbide grains, that are extruded in the form of rods or tubes, before being bonded together by a process of recrystallization, at temperatures of over 2500° C. The firing process ensures the creation of rods with strong uniform bonds between adjacent grains, and the particle size distribution is closely controlled to ensure optimum density and resistance to the process atmosphere.
  • Kanthal Globar Silicon Carbide can be supplied in one-piece or three-piece construction, according to the demands of the application. One-piece elements feature a joint free construction, where the cold ends are formed by filling the pore structure with a low resistivity silicon alloy. Three-piece elements feature special low resistance cold ends that are joined to the hot zone using a reliable and strong reaction-bonding technique.
  • Special High Density (HD) Grade can be supplied if required. High Density Silicon Carbide gives better structural strength and better resistance to oxidation and chemical attack. Kanthal HD Grade will outlast any competitor products in terms of lifetime and strength when subject to impact.
  • Metal Sintering Furnace – Aluminum Melting Furnace – Aluminum Holding Furnace – Float Glass – Kiln – High-Temperature Furnace

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