RUBIG Furnace Overview

Industrial Furnace on Thermal Engineering

Offering you and your industry professional and high-quality furnace products to boost productivity, efficiency, and effectivity thermal process.

RÜBIG Nitriding Furnace


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We design and produce our FURNACE systems in accordance with skills and speciality thus acknowledging our client’s requirements and needs.

We have been manufacturing industrial furnace for over 35 years and provide them with maximum reliability and effectiveness to your factories.

Continuing our pride in providing the nation and world-wide furnace needs, WIN MALAYSIA is your right choice!


Case hardening - r.carb+ ®

Pack hardening is the most traditional procedure of thermochemical heat treatment procedures. In cooperation with the customer, processes can be optimised in terms of dimensional accuracy and closest tolerances. With the HighCarb procedure, your com­ponents can be exposed to higher tem­peratures during usage. 

hard coating - plastit®

In cooperation with our customers, we offer PACVD coating systems for max­imum wear and/or corrosion protec­tion of your workpieces. Special develop­ments in the field of a high level thick­ness (e.g. 30 µm), internal coatings and coatings of complex geometries repres­ent a part of our service portfolio.

vacuum hardening - r.vac+®

RÜBIG offers quenched and tempered processes specialised on your materials. They are optimised in terms of a low deformation and high lifetime of your workpieces. With the underpressure carburising or pressure nitriding pro­cesses in combination with helium quenching (HELIVAC®), the entire mat­erial potential can be used.


Plasma Nitriding - PLASNIT®

The first choice for wear and dynami­cal­ly stressed components. RÜBIG is a specialist for heat treat­ments from the automotive ind­ustry over medical engineering up to the aerospace in­dustry.


Gas nitriding - R.NIT+®

Due to the close cooperation with our partners, gas nitriding offers a high wear protection and high corrosion resistance with a high load density.


Aluminium heat treat­ment

Depending on your material, RÜBIG aluminium offers an optimum relation between elastic limit, breaking elong­ation and tensile strength. The result are components with a low inherent stress and low deformation!


RUBIG Furnace

RUBIG Furnace

RUBIG Furnace

RUBIG Furnace

RUBIG Furnace


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