Muffle Furnace in Ceramic Industry

Muffle Furnace has many special applications in Ceramic and Glass Industry for applications like Sintering Furnace, Ceramic degreasing Furnace, Debinding furnace and many more.

Traditional ceramics are known to be stable thermally, mechanically and chemically. These properties have been important since early times in products such as cooking vessels, serving dishes and sculpted figures. Clay alone, or mixed with various materials such as silica sand, can be formed into a desired shape, then dried and hardened (sintered) in a high-temperature kiln or furnace. Some advanced ceramics need to be heated to temperatures up to 3,100°F (1,700°C) and beyond.

In modern technology ceramics are widely used in structural ceramics like making ceramics bricks and roof tiles, industrial refractories such as furnace and kiln insulation and also in the field of advanced ceramics.

In Sintering process, muffle furnace helps bind fine particles together through controlled high-temperature heating, creating solid materials with improved mechanical strength. In the field of ceramics and powder metallurgy, muffle furnaces are crucial for sintering processes.

In reaction bonding and debinding furnace applications, advanced ceramic manufacturing process requires hot isostatic pressing, rapid heating in high temperature firing and cooling. The temperature uniformity is critical in sintering, degreasing and debinding furnace. Debinding  process also required the safe removal of waste gas.

WINTHERM 1700℃ Muffle Furnace (box-type resistance furnace) used in sintering, degreasing and debinding in production of ceramic materials, nanomaterials, semiconductor materials, powder metallurgy and other new materials. WINTHERM Muffle Furnaces are used widely in colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, factories and enterprises, petrochemical and other industries that requires High temperature heat treatment. High-temperature furnaces with a maximum temperature of 1750°C and 1800°C can be customized, which are applied to the sintering of ceramic materials.

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