Product Description

Main Features
  • Manual Elevator or Electric lift bell type.
  • Integrated Structure with elegant design.
  • Vacuum forming ceramic fiber chamber or solid refractory brick as chamber materials
  • Heaters: HRE resistance wire/SIC Rod / Mosi2 rod with different operating temperatures.
  • SHIMADEN (Japan) Microprocessor Digital PID controller or any brand controller is available.
  • Exhaust chimney valve is available for gas emission.
  • Bottom floor available for all sides loading.
  • CE compliant.
1200°C Bell Furnace
1400°C Bell Furnace
1700°C Bell Furnace
Technical Parameters
ModelVolume (L)Chamber SizeOperate Temp (°C)Voltage (V)Max Temp (°C)Heating Element
WTS-96-12A96L400x600x4001100°C380 V1200°CHRE
WTS-288-12A288L600x800x6001100°C380 V1200°CHRE
WTS-640-12A640L800x1000x8001100°C380 V1200°CHRE
WTS-1200-12A1200L1000x1200x10001100°C380 V1200°CHRE
WTS-96-14A96L400x600x4001300ºC380 V1400°CSIC Rod
WTS-288-14A288L600x800x6001300ºC380 V1400°CSIC Rod
WTS-640-14A640L800x1000x8001300ºC380 V1400°CSIC Rod
WTS-1200-14A1200L1000x1200x10001300ºC380 V1400°CSIC Rod
WTS-96-17A96L400x600x4001600ºC380 V1700°CMosi2 Rod
WTS-288-17A288L600x800x6001600ºC380 V1700°CMosi2 Rod
WTS-288-17A288L800x1000x8001600ºC380 V1700°CMosi2 Rod

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