Industrial Furnace Overview

Industrial Furnace on Thermal Engineering

Offering you and your industry professional and high-quality furnace products to boost productivity, efficiency, and effectivity thermal process.

RÜBIG Nitriding Furnace


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We design and produce our FURNACE systems in accordance with skills and speciality thus acknowledging our client’s requirements and needs.

We have been manufacturing industrial furnace for over 35 years and provide them with maximum reliability and effectiveness to your factories.

Continuing our pride in providing the nation and world-wide furnace needs, WIN MALAYSIA is your right choice!


Aluminium Melting Furnace

Aluminium Holding Furnace

Forced Convection Furnace

Chamber Klins

Catalytic Afterburning Furnace

Muffle Furnaces

High Temperature Bottom Loading Furnace

Tilting Melting Furnace

High Temperature Retort Furnaces

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