How Much Does Furnace Installation Cost in Malaysia?

Searching for the right price for furnace installation? Well, we know that after purchasing a furnace, we must know that we need to install it. In order for the production to run.

Whether you use bought a second-hand furnace or you found a new one to replace, installing a furnace may be different from each type of furnace you’re trying to install.


Few factors that might need to consider when installing a new furnace. First is the location of the furnace that needs to be replaced. Second is the type of furnace that we need to deal with. Third, how much manpower needed to install the newly furnace?


The average cost depending on the location and the size of the furnace, the average cost is around RM4,000 to RM20,000. Depending on the size of the furnace as well. It’s better to ask your engineer about installation if you are unsure.


Here’s what you would need to expect when installing a furnace:

For full furnace installation:

  • Furnace
  • Labour fees
  • Ductwork
  • Removal
  • Disposal of the old furnace
  • Other installations / Upgrade


Since gas-powered furnace bringing the most common furnace when it comes to installation and most factories will use these types of furnace, there are also other types of furnace that people will consider installing.


Natural Gas Furnace Installation

The average cost for this type of furnace will be around RM2000 to RM4000.

As for the installation will cost around RM8000.


Propane Gas Furnace Installation

The average cost for this type of furnace will be around RM1200 to RM3000

As for the installation will cost around RM3500.


Oil Furnace Installation

The average cost for this type of furnace will be around RM1500 to RM3500

As for the installation will cost around RM4000.


Electric Furnace Installation

The average cost for this type of furnace will be around RM900 to RM1500

As for the installation will cost around RM3000.


There are cost differences between these types of furnaces. That’s a lot of different kinds of furnace that you can think of. One’s might not realize this but some furnaces have different properties, therefore, making it more beneficial and there are also some cons depending on the purpose of the furnace.


Depending on the furnace types, they are some difference of why the price is different from each other and how they vary.


Natural Gas Furnace Installation Cost

Average Cost per Unit: RM3,500

Average Cost of Installation: RM7,000

furnace installation natural gas

If you find yourself trying to get a natural gas furnace, it is considered one of the most common types of furnaces that most factories will use. The reason for this is fairly simple. This is because the natural gas furnace has the lowest yearly costs and it is less harmful to the environment, comparing to oil and propane furnaces.


The average cost for an individual unit is around RM1,000 up to a maximum of RM4,000. The total cost can go up to RM 4,000 to RM7,000 including the installation of the furnace.


Propane Furnace Installation Cost

Average Cost per Unit: RM2,500

Average Cost of Installation: RM4,000

furnace install propane


Propane furnaces are great when natural gas or other materials are hard to get and not available. But the cons is that the heating costs can vary greatly depending on the efficiency of the furnace you chose.

And for that, you would need a propane tank and the propane gas can vary in price depending on the location of your place.


The propane will converts to gas when it is released, then the gas ignites and forces the hot air through the ducts. The average cost for a propane furnace for an individual unit is around RM1000 to RM3500. All of this is included with the installation. You also need to take note that, it differs from what brand you are choosing because that will significantly affect your pricing.



Oil Furnace Installation Cost

Average Cost per Unit: RM2,000

Average Cost of Installation: RM3,000

oil furnace install cost


The Oil Furnace is not as common but is also an alternative to a natural gas furnace. They are also known as pressure burner. The reason why they called that because the oil is sprayed into the combustion chamber at high pressure. This will then cause it to light up by the electric spark.


The oil will continue to burn as the oil mist is sprayed. The good thing about having an oil furnace that the oil can burn hotter than natural gas, this will result in producing maximum heat. However, this will come at the cost that the oil will cost more than gas in the long term.


The average cost for each individual unit is around RM1,500 to RM4,000. This will total up to RM4,000 including installation.


Electric Furnace Installation Cost

Average Cost per Unit: RM1,000

Average Cost of Installation: RM2,500

electric furnace installation cost

An electric furnace can be convenient at times but it does use a lot of electricity. Even though, it is one of the most efficient methods of heating. They can be easier to install than the other three furnaces that I’ve mentioned.

It’s very important that you choose the right furnace for your purpose and applications or else it will be bad if the furnace kept either continue running or switching on and off too often. This will result in furnace wear and tear.


So, the average cost for the individual unit is around RM900 to RM3000. And the average installation cost is around RM2,500 to Rm3,000 including the installation. And you might realize that an electric furnace’s installation is way cheaper than a gas furnace. But the only downside is the operational cost will be high.


Because the price of the furnace may vary, there are a few reasons why the price can be different.


What can affect to cost of the furnace?


1. Brand

First thing, the brand of a furnace can be different and we all know that different brands can also result in the quality of the furnace. Some brands have higher quality than others, this will result in higher prices. Some brands can suit certain places and will have their own style or requirements. Which also need to suit your usage.

Anything related to upgrades or maintenance of the brand will also increase the brand’s cost.


2. Location

Really depends on where you are located and how the furnace will be sent to you. There are certain locations where you can’t use your furnace when you can get the furnace’s consumables which is gas. Some areas don’t have the access to propane or gas. So, this will affect how you will use the furnace.


3. Space

The location of where the furnace is located does factor in the price of the furnace installation cost. This will also increase the labour cost. This is because the space for the furnace can affect the difficulty of the installation. The size of the building can also affect the price, since a larger space and result in a larger unit.


4. Labour

Labour cost can be the main thing when installing your new furnace. The cost for the labour can be around RM100 to RM200 per hour depending on the company and the complexity of the job. Also, you need to take note for the inspection of the furnace can also vary from around RM350 to RM550.


5. The Old Furnace

Having the old furnace can also change the price of the furnace installation as the old furnace need to be replaced with a new one. And also really depends on the type of furnace that you are acquiring. Changing from one type of furnace to another type of furnace can be difficult.

For example, if you already using an electric furnace, and you’re changing to a gas furnace, you need to install gas lines. This can cost around RM300 to RM600 and there might be a chance need to install additional ductwork, this will also increase the labour cost.


In conclusion, there are multiple factors that will affect your furnace installation cost and will also make you choose which type of furnace that you would need to choose based on your purpose. However, choosing the right furnace is the most important aspect of production. Since it will take a lot of space and mostly will be essential to you.


If you are unsure of what type of furnace that you need and if you need a custom furnace, we can also help you in any way possible. Be sure to contact your engineer if you are seeking clarification.

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