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WIN Industrial Heater

WIN has 35 years of experience in combustion and heating element and we are still counting. In fact, WIN was one of the pioneers that bring Kanthal to Indonesia market during the plastic boom in the 1980s.

As to date, WIN has expanded much more than that.

With our value to deliver Energy Saving, Less Waste, Less People and Less Space, we are your thermal expert.

We specialize in providing custom made industrial heater which specifically designed to meet customer requirements, as well as providing spare-parts for replacements. 


With our extensive network and presence of offices in S.E. Asia, we can provide all the heater accessories or parts. 

We supply various types of heater products as well as their replacements so that, even though our clients may have their own machines. We are confident that our products can help improve their efficiency.



The best way to choose the heating element is to determine the amount of watt density it is needed. Heating elements are typically either nickel-based or iron-based.

Did you know that “Nichrome” is the most popular heating elements with the melting of 1400°C.

It doesn’t oxidize, doesn’t expand too much and has a reasonable resistance that only increases by about 10% between room temperature & max. operating temperature! 


Tubular heaters can be used in many applications and it is very cost-effective for any types of environments. They are easy to install, either be mounted on the wall or floor. Tubular heaters are configured to the best use of your space for heat distribution. They are available in range of sizes and wattages.


Plug heaters are suitable for different voltages in water. Best use for heating liquids in tanks or vessels. These submersible heating elements have been designed so that heat transfer will occur at a rapid rate, enabling quick liquid heat up times. 



Conserve energy and prevent waste heat by using the method to deliver energy to the load and improve their operation’s efficiency. Unlike air heaters, designed to heat air, band heaters are used to reduce the viscosity of thick liquids and gels by heating. 


Cartridge heaters provide superior heat transfer, uniform temperatures, resistance to oxidation and corrosion and a long life even at high temperatures and outstanding performance. 


Duct heaters used in forced air applications provide dedicated space heat or supplement existing heating systems. Commonly used to heat air and/or gas process streams in process heating or environmental room applications. Applications include humidity control, machinery pre-heating, HVAC comfort heating.

Stainless Fin-coiled Heater

They are constructed like basic tubular elements with the addition of continuous spiral fins. Fins greatly increase surface area and permit faster hear transfer to air, resulting in lower surface element temperatures.


– Excellent mechanical resistance
– Shockproof construction
– Can be replaced easily
– Stronger than rounded coils

Nozzle Heater

For plastic industries, we provide nozzle heater as they are designed to serve specific requirements. They are formed to be compact, tightly wound coil to supply overall heat. 

Flexible Tubular Heater

The design and application of flexible heaters can fit your specific needs. They can be used in any complex, shapes and curves that still allow being efficient and dependable. Flexible heaters can be manufactured in many shapes and sizes.

Infrared Heater

Infrared heaters don’t need to rely on any method of transportation such as air molecules. They have a wide variety of applications that use spot or zone heating. 

Drum Heater

Drum heaters can use on application such as viscosity of oils, fats and other food products. Best for thermal mixing and melting solids to allow easy removal of liquids and semi-liquid from the drum.


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