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Product Description

Product Overview
  • An industrial oven is a large-scale heating appliance used in various industries for heating, baking, curing, annealing or drying materials or products. These ovens are designed to handle high temperatures and heavy-duty use, making them suitable for industrial applications where consistent and controlled heating is crucial. Wintherm provide Industrial ovens come in different types, including:
  • Batch Ovens: Batch ovens are used for batch processing, where a specific quantity of material is processed at a time. They are often used for baking, curing coatings, annealing or drying materials or heat treating smaller batches of parts or products.
  • Design of the ovens are usually called Batch oven, Bench oven, Curing oven, Top Loading Oven, Universal Oven and Walk-in Oven
  • Continuous Ovens or Conveyor Ovens : Continuous ovens are designed for continuous production processes. They feature a conveyor system that moves materials or products through the oven at a controlled speed, allowing for continuous processing. Conveyor ovens are used for drying, baking and curing materials for continuous production in chemical, electronic components or baking industry.
  • Convection Ovens: Convection ovens use fans to circulate hot air, ensuring even heating throughout the oven chamber. They are commonly used for baking, drying, and curing applications.
  • Muffle Ovens: Muffle ovens are also Batch Oven. Muffle oven have insulated chambers to protect the contents from outside contamination and provide controlled heating environments. They are commonly used in laboratories for heat treatment, ashing, and other thermal processes.
  • Vacuum Ovens: Vacuum ovens remove air and create a vacuum environment, which can lower the boiling point of liquids and facilitate drying processes at lower temperatures. They are used for drying heat-sensitive materials or in processes that require a controlled atmosphere.
Technical Parameters
No Descriptions Chamber Dimension (WxDxH) Volume Opr Temp (°C) Heater Capacity (kW) Compatible Rack Product Code
1 Benchtop Oven 650 x 350 x 510 110 Ltr up to 300 Upon Req 5 layer, load TBA (WTO-110-30)
2 Benchtop Oven 800 x 550 x 1010 440 Ltr up to 300 Upon Req 10 layer, load TBA (WTO-440-30)
3 Benchtop Oven 1150 x 700 x 1010 800 Ltr up to 300 Upon Req 10 layer, load TBA (WTO-800-30)

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