Wintherm Industrial Oven

Wintherm Industrial Oven An industrial oven is a large-scale heating appliance used in various industries for heating, baking, curing, annealing or drying materials or products. These ovens are designed to handle high temperatures and heavy-duty use, making them suitable for industrial applications where consistent and controlled heating is crucial. Wintherm provide Industrial ovens come in different types, […]

Muffle Furnace in Ceramic Industry

Muffle Furnace has many special applications in Ceramic and Glass Industry for applications like Sintering Furnace, Ceramic degreasing Furnace, Debinding furnace and many more. Traditional ceramics are known to be stable thermally, mechanically and chemically. These properties have been important since early times in products such as cooking vessels, serving dishes and sculpted figures. Clay […]

What is Furnace?

Industrial Furnace? It sounds very familiar but perhaps a lot of people still not able to understand what is a industrial furnace and why industrial furnace is important?

What is Heat Treatment Furnace?

Furnace is a device or equipment to heat up an objects  (mostly metal) to a desired temperature for a set time and in controlled heating atmosphere.

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