Product Description

  • Rotary tube furnace (Tilting is optional) is specially designed for calcining inorganic compounds with better uniformity, especially excellent for preparing Li-ion battery cathode materials with conductive or protective coating on powder, such as, LiFePO3, LiMnNoO3, etc in R&D laboratory.
Main Features
  • Rotary tube to keep uniform heating
  • Tube rotating speed 15 RPM Max (reversible)
  • Angle of inclination 0-30°C (optional)
  • High Vacuum Sealing flanges with gas inlet/outlet ports
  • High quality quartz glass tube
  • Ceramic Fiber lining board with embedded HRE heating wire
Technical Parameters
Model Heating Zone Length (mm) Tube Size OD*L (mm) Max Temp Operate Temp Voltage Power Heating Element Temperature Advocacy
WTGX-40-12A 300mm Φ40*1000mm 1200ºC 1100ºC 220 V 1.8 kW HRE Wire ± 1ºC
WTGX-60-12A 300mm Φ60*1000mm 1200ºC 1100ºC 220 V 2.6 kW HRE Wire ± 1ºC
WTGX-80-12A 300mm Φ80*1000mm 1200ºC 1100ºC 220 V 2.6 kW HRE Wire ± 1ºC
WTGX-100-12A 300mm Φ100*1000mm 1200ºC 1100ºC 220 V 2.6 kW HRE Wire ± 1ºC
WTGX-150-12A 300mm Φ150*1000mm 1200ºC 1100ºC 220 V 12 kW HRE Wire ± 1ºC
WTGX-200-12A 300mm Φ200*1000mm 1200ºC 1100ºC 220 V 15 kW HRE Wire ± 1ºC

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