Product Description

Main Features
  • Includes Quartz glass tube with a set of stainless steel vacuum sealing flanges with valves and silicon O rings, fittings for connection of gas vacuum components.
  • Dual flanges support ensures better sealing and longer tube life.
  • One year warranty (consumable parts are not included), lifetime technical support.
1200°C CVD Tube Furnace
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) tube furnaces feature a chamber with high quality alumina fiber insulation and high quality vacuum formed insulation resistance wire heating element, which ensures fast heat up, excellent temperature control and short cool down times;
The CVD gas path system can be selected from one or three-way gas mass flow meters, and the gas mixing system can also be single-input and single-out. Accurate control of gas digital control, flow switch and flow time can be automatically controlled by touch screen to achieve unattended air control, accuracy: ±1 % F.S, response time: $4sec; The vacuum system adopts a vacuum pump.
The vacuum measurement uses a digital composite vacuum machine or a Pirani vacuum gauge.
The measuring instrument is integrated on the temperature control panel for easy operation.
Furnace operation is controlled by Shimaden® (Japan) 32-segment digital controller with built-in RS485 digital communications port and USB adaptor, allowing the user to connect to a PC for remote control and monitoring of the furnace. You can also save or export test results. All our furnaces are CE compliant.
01Quartz Tube
02Mechanical Vacuum Gauge
03Gas Inlet
04KF Sealing Flanges
05Flange Support
06Mechanical Pressure Gauge
07Gas Valve
08Gas Flow Meter
09Height Adjustable Wheel
10Digital Vacuum Gauge
11Vacuum Angle Valve
12SS304 Flexible Bellow
13Pump Operating Buttons
14Digital Vacuum Gauge Panel
15Electronic Buttons
16Built-in Vacuum Pump
Technical Parameters
Inner Dimension (WxDxH)mmΦ25mmΦ40mmΦ60mmΦ80mmΦ100mmΦ120mmAny size
Outer Dimension (WxDxH)mm300300300300300300
Furnace StructureAlumina Ceramic Chamber, Temperature control system, Heating element, Furnace shell, Main Electric Parts and other relative accessories
Max Temperature1200°C
Continue Temp.1100°C
Power Supply220V/1.8kW220V/1.8kW220V/2.6kW220V/2.6kW380V/2.6kW380V/4kW
Heating ElementHigh quality alloy resistance wire (HRE)
Chamber MaterialHigh temperature 1500 Type polycrystal alumina ceramic fiber material
Temp Precision±1°C
ThermocoupleN type
Temp ControllerSHIMADEN (Japan) brand intelligent microcomputer PID controller can program 4 groups 32 segments
Electronic PartsSCHNEIDER (France ) electronics brand
Heating Rate≤ 25°C/min ( suggest 15°C/min for longer life using of furnace )
Safety ProtectionOverheat and thermocouple-break alarm
CertificationISO9001 /CE/ SGS
Furnace ShellHigh quality cold-rolled steel sheets CNC processing
InsulationHigh quality thermal insulation material to ensure a good uniformity
AccessoriesOne pair of high temperature gloves, One pair of furnace hook, one catalog and operation manual
OptionalPaperless recorder, Quartz /Alumina crucible, Mass flowmeter, Digital Vacuum Gauge

Tube Furnace >>

The Overview of Tube Furnace
Tube Furnace is a compact heating equipment widely used in so many fields like metallurgy, glass heat treatment, lithium battery, positive and negative electrolyte, abrasive tools and other industries. It is used to measure the structural state of materials at a certain temperature for small samples. It is generally used in colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, research institutions, etc. Tube furnace also has the advantage of providing a vacuum and atmosphere working environment for heating easily with lower cost.
HRE Resistance Wire
N-Type Thermocouple
PID Temperature Control

The factors to select a suitable tube furnace:

What is the operating temperature?
  • WINTHERM tube furnace mainly with range of 1200°C, 1400°C, 1700°C and OEM 1800°C.
  • When real operating lower than 1200°C, we generally use high grade HRE spiral wire coils as heating element.
  • When real operating lower than 1400°C, we generally use high grade SIC ( Silicon Carbide Heaters ) heating element.
  • When real operating lower than 1700°C, we generally use high grade MoSi2 ( Molybdenum Disilicide Heaters ) heating element.
  • Continuous operating temp will be 100°C below the max temp design and right using will extend the furnace service life.
  • Furnaces are designed to operate at high temperatures. Operation below temperatures of approximately 600 °C will be less accurate and continuous use at low temperatures may reduce the element life of some furnaces, ie MoSi2 heated furnaces.
Split type or Non-split type.
  • For 1200°C tube furnaces, we generally do with Split type as standard with easily replace tube and also fast cooling.
  • For the 1400°C tube furnaces, we generally do with Non-split type as standard, but also we can do split type.
  • For the 1700°C tube furnaces, we generally do with Non-split type as standard, but also we can do vertical split type.
Horizontal or Vertical Tube need?
WINTHERM have horizontal and vertical tube furnace for choosing. Also, we can do it according to your special request for both combined using.
What is the outer diameter of the working tube?
  • For the working tube, we generally has quartz tube and alumina ceramic tube two types. Also, some customer will use their own design specially steel tubes for specially using.
  • Quartz tube used for temperature lower than 1200°C. The standard quartz tube OD : Φ25mm, Φ40mm, Φ50mm, Φ60mm, Φ80mm, Φ100mm, Φ120mm, Φ150mm or more larger size.
  • Alumina Ceramic Tube generally used in temp over than 1200°C tube furnaces with standard size tube OD : Φ40mm, Φ60mm, Φ80mm, Φ100mm, For other alumina tube sizes, please check with us for confirm.
What is the heating zone length of the tube furnace ?
WINTHERM manufacture different heating zones tube furnace.
  • Single Heating zone : Standard heating zone length : 300mm. OEM length is available.
  • Dual heating zones : Standard heating zone length : 300+300=600mm. OEM length is available.
  • Three heating zones: Standard heating zone length : 300+300+300=900mm. OEM length is available.
  • Multi-heating zones : different zones and different heating length.
  • More heating zones, the tube will have a much better central constant heating zone length.

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